How to Get Rid of Static Electricity

Get Rid of Static Electricity

Get Rid of Static Electricity from You

The first place to start in order to get rid of static electricity is your own body. Your clothes and skin, as well as your home, may be fighting against you. When skin rubs on skin and the air is dry you build up intense static charges. When you wear synthetic materials they generate massive charges. When you walk across a carpet in your socks or shoes with synthetic rubber you risk charging your entire body as a static gun. So here is the checklist

  • humidify the air in your home or office
  • get rid of the carpet or put the computer in an uncarpeted room
  • wear shoes with real rubber
  • never wear synthetic materials
  • moisturize your skin
  • discharge any charges by touching a metal pipe or frame before touching any part of your computer, including a wired keyboard or a wired mouse.
  • use a static gun
  • carry a static shock reducer/eliminator key chain

Taking these measures will eliminate very dangerous sources of static electricity and will protect your computer. Check out Pascal Technologies’ article on How to Clean a Computer.

Why Get Rid of Static Electricity?

Get Rid of Static ElectricityI placed this paragraph at the end so people who already know why can get straight to the how. As for the rest of my readers, here is the reason for getting rid of static electricity from your computer’s environment and from you. Static electric charges kill computers.

Computers are sensitive microelectronic machines. They operate without many moving parts. Instead, they use electricity to create a virtual world. This current of electricity is easily affected by static electricity. When you walk across a carpet in socks you build up a huge and devastating charge that goes from your fingertips, through the keys on your keyboard, along the wire and into the computer. It is so large you can kill most any component in your computer with one zap. So, for the sake of your sanity and your computer’s longevity, not to mention perhaps reducing the chance that you might get fired for not finishing that report for the big meeting, you should take static electricity seriously. Get rid of static electricity, because it can be a killer.

Start Blogging – Platform and Host

Start Blogging

Start Blogging

Following our series on getting started blogging, you have already chosen your niche and you are ready to start blogging. We will take you through the steps that get the site up and running by helping you choose a platform and host. Blog Site Configuration will follow in the next article in the series.

Your first decision in the setup phase to start blogging is which platform you will use. See our previous article comparing the Top Blogging Platforms to get an idea what the best are to choose from.

Probably the most important feature to consider when setting up your site is whether or not you will need access to the files of your site. If you are not a customization control freak then a hosted solution will suit you, limiting your access to the files and presenting all the usual customization options through an easy interface. But for the obsessive compulsive among you, like me, you should look for a self-hosted solution. It allows you to have FTP access to your files, meaning you can have complete unabridged control over your site.

We will assume you have chosen WordPress as a self-hosted solution. That way you can do everything we are going to suggest to start blogging.

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Top Blogging Platforms – Select Your Own

Top Blogging Platforms

Top Blogging Platforms

Choosing the right blogging platform can be daunting. We’ve written this article to help you narrow your search to the cream of the crop, top blogging platforms. The subheading tells whether the platform offers the possibility of hosted or self-hosted options. Self-hosted means you can install it on whichever host you like. Hosted means the company offers you a website with the program already installed and running.

The main difference is over access to the files. A hosted solution denies you FTP access to the files of your site, but simplifies the processes of customization. So you may not need this kind of access. Self-hosted allows you to put the program on another host, where you can have FTP access to the files on your site, depending on which host you choose.

These are our top five picks for top blogging platforms.

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Moving WordPress Site Address

You want to move the address for your WordPress site from a sub-directory to the root of your domain. We will use as the root URL for your hosting account and as the installation location of WordPress. You will have to adjust the instructions by substituting your own URL’s in.

WordPress Help

WordPress Help

So instead of you want to have the address for your site. It’s not so difficult. Follow these steps and you’ll be up and running at the new URL in a couple of minutes.

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Blogging Niche – Which is Best for You?

Blogging Niche

Scratching Out a Blogging Niche

How many articles are there on starting out blogging? Why would we need yet another one? The answer to that lies in the fact that most of those articles are by fly-by-night amateurs or poorly executed. Nearly none of them address such issues as finding your blogging niche.

At Bob Tech you have come to expect quality information in straight forward presentations. If you wanted simply to be entertained you would have trolled the YouTube videos or snoozed over Stumble Upon. You came here to catch up on our latest tips, tricks, info, tutorials, etc… So here it is, a series on Getting Started Blogging.

Method for Selecting Your Blogging Niche

The first step in successful blogging is identifying your blogging niche. That is far easier said than done. One approach is to make a brainstorm list of everything you are interested in, big and small. Make it a huge list!

Which of these do you see yourself writing at least three articles a week on for the next year? Let’s invert that idea and mark off the topics that you know you could not keep up that pace with. What is left are the candidates.

The next question to ask yourself is which of these could
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Label with Submenus

Sometimes you need a label in the menu on your WordPress site that doesn’t go anywhere. One example is when the label has a sub-menu. You can see this in action on our site in the menu above. All Tech is just a label. When you hover over it you see Beginning Tech and Advanced Tech, each of which can be clicked and leads to the corresponding category page of posts. However, the label All Tech does not go anywhere. How did we do that?

You must go to your Menu menu in the Admin Dashboard. Create a new link for your custom menu, but in place of the http:// put merely a # (hash mark). Do not place the # after the http://. REPLACE it with the hash mark. Give the link a label and add it to your menu. That’s all.

For sub-menus, create the menu entries you need as if they were regular menu entries. Then drag and drop them so they are below the label and shifted slightly toward the right, so they are not flush with the label, like this:

WordPress Label and Submenus

WordPress Label and Submenus

Ads in WordPress

Ads in WordPress

Ads in WordPress

So many people want to know how to place ad code from advertisement companies like Google Adsense in their WordPress site. Many are especially interested in getting the ads to show up under the header or header menu. Look at the ads on this page as an example and you will know it is possible.

While many tutorials on this subject suggest altering the header.php file itself, I will recommend a safer and more flexible technique. If you follow their suggestion you will have the same ad on all pages of your site (front page, post, everywhere regardless of content). If you, however, are wiser and follow my advice you can have different ads on the front page than you show on posts.
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