How to Get Rid of Static Electricity

Get Rid of Static Electricity

Get Rid of Static Electricity from You

The first place to start in order to get rid of static electricity is your own body. Your clothes and skin, as well as your home, may be fighting against you. When skin rubs on skin and the air is dry you build up intense static charges. When you wear synthetic materials they generate massive charges. When you walk across a carpet in your socks or shoes with synthetic rubber you risk charging your entire body as a static gun. So here is the checklist

  • humidify the air in your home or office
  • get rid of the carpet or put the computer in an uncarpeted room
  • wear shoes with real rubber
  • never wear synthetic materials
  • moisturize your skin
  • discharge any charges by touching a metal pipe or frame before touching any part of your computer, including a wired keyboard or a wired mouse.
  • use a static gun
  • carry a static shock reducer/eliminator key chain

Taking these measures will eliminate very dangerous sources of static electricity and will protect your computer. Check out Pascal Technologies’ article on How to Clean a Computer.

Why Get Rid of Static Electricity?

Get Rid of Static ElectricityI placed this paragraph at the end so people who already know why can get straight to the how. As for the rest of my readers, here is the reason for getting rid of static electricity from your computer’s environment and from you. Static electric charges kill computers.

Computers are sensitive microelectronic machines. They operate without many moving parts. Instead, they use electricity to create a virtual world. This current of electricity is easily affected by static electricity. When you walk across a carpet in socks you build up a huge and devastating charge that goes from your fingertips, through the keys on your keyboard, along the wire and into the computer. It is so large you can kill most any component in your computer with one zap. So, for the sake of your sanity and your computer’s longevity, not to mention perhaps reducing the chance that you might get fired for not finishing that report for the big meeting, you should take static electricity seriously. Get rid of static electricity, because it can be a killer.

Droid 3 by Motorola – Android Smartphone

Droid 3

Droid 3


Droid 3 Good News

The Droid 3 is a big leap forward in the Droid lineage.There are still a few features that need attention, but it is a good phone.

Its display is 4 inches, compared to the old 3.7 and yields 960 x 540, as opposed to the previous 854 x 480. The result is a crisp, true color.

The Droid opens by sliding the top to the side, uncovering its unique QUERTY keyboard with an additional fifth row of numbers. The keys are not even too close for comfort and it weighs in at 6.49 oz., which is almost as light as its predecessors.

As for its performance, you might think that the 512MB of RAM was too little, compared to the 1GB in a Galaxy S II or 768MB for the ThunderBolt. However, the 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP4430-1000 makes up for the small memory. Multitasking does not prove a burden to the unit, nor does re-painting the home screen. It toggles between apps effortlessly.

The battery will hold out for a little over 9 hours talking and 12 hours on standby. In general, you should be able to make it the entire day on one charge.

The Droid 3 is mounted with two cameras. The rear is 8 MP, supported by an LED flash, and has 1080p HD video. The front camera is 0.3 MP, designed for video chatting. When compared to similarly priced phones, the Motorola Droid 3 rear camera surpassed the others in quality.

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Drone Technology Threat on U.S. Soil

Drone Technology

Drone Technology

Reuters published a story on the use of armed drones in the U.S. wars since 911. It is admitted that drone technology, operated by the CIA, have been used for 260 attacks within Pakistan since 2004 and that their role in the War on Terrorism will expand. However, as John Nagi, retired army officer and president of the Center for a New American Security, admitted, armed drones will eventually become widespread technology and will be turned against the U.S.

Well, let’s assume Nagi is right, which I believe it is no stretch to say he is. Armed drone technology will be used on U.S. soil in the near future, perhaps even within 5-7 years. Drones are useful for other purposes than launching attacks with bombs. Take for instance intelligence recognizance, biological warfare, chemical warfare, and the upcoming nanotech warfare (tiny, spider-sized robots) which could be delivered by drone technology deep within the territory of the U.S. Here is a good, short article that serves as a launching point for thinking in terms of Nanotech warfare.

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Articles Moved to New Site

Scriptix - JQuery, Ajax, Php, JavaScript

height=”198″ Scriptix – JQuery, Ajax, Php, JavaScript

We have moved all of Beginning and Advanced Tech articles to a new site, called Scriptix. If you are looking for information and tutorials on JQuery, Ajax, Php, and JavaScipt, Scriptix is your destination.

Schools Allowed to Punish Off Campus – Decision Reversed

Courts - Schools Allowed to Punish

Courts – Schools Allowed to Punish published an article, one of many, on Freedom of Speech and students conducting themselves Online while off-campus. Schools allowed to punish for off-campus activity has come under fire.

To start, you need to know that the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals of Pennsylvania was depending on reference to a case from 1969, pre-Internet era, regarding the wearing of an icon on-campus. The students were protesting the Vietnam War. This is the Tinker decision and the conclusion back then was that as long as the freedom of speech/protest did not disrupt class in tangible ways the school could not punish the students.

It is a very long distance between protesting a war with a special and small garment accessory, as opposed to making a fake profile under the principal’s name and defaming him or under another fake profile implying he is a pedophile. On what planet are these covered under Freedom of Speech or the right to peaceful assembly for the purpose of protesting?

The more modern activities can be called slander and defamation, which are illegal. The students are committing crimes that affect the reputation of the principal of the school and the school is not allowed to do anything about it? With all due respect, are those supreme justices who voted against the school’s authority raving idiots? Schools allowed to punish children for their abusive use of speech that at least borders on criminal, if not completely oversteps the line, is crucial to formation of the child into an adult. Perhaps those justices have lost sight of the goal of schools. Read the rest of this entry »

Trending Posts – Riding the Wave of Popularity

Trending Posts

Trending Posts

Sometimes you don’t have anything special to write about, but you want to hit that nerve that makes people visit your site. Your creative juices are slow as molasses. No matter what you try, nothing comes to mind. You need to consider trending posts and start riding the wave of popularity.

Trending posts is finding out hot keyword searches on the SE’s (search engines) and writing to these. It’s like a shot in the dark, since you are not likely to come up on the first page. Sometimes, though, people skip pages when they see the same old stuff over and over on the first pages. You might get lucky. It would be better to write a few posts on the keyword so there would be a better chance of getting seen.

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Apple iCloud Same Old Apple Mistakes

The Empty Apple iCloud

The Empty Apple iCloud

Steve Jobs made his second appearance since going on sick leave in January 2011. He wanted to sell us Apple iCloud concept. While he is suffering from a rare form of cancer, he finds the time and energy to push us into the next Apple trap.

The Apple iCloud only works with Apple products, no surprise there. This is not a wise business move, but it follows the business protocols set down by Apple since its inception. The IBM PC movement, that started the whole computer craze, and on which Microsoft capitalized, literally, was missing from the Apple side of the computer industry. Apple chose instead to make pretty things people would adore to look at, but swear at when they tried to do anything serious with them.

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